Internet Safety

WISE Academies believe that IT should be used as a means of enhancing learning and engaging pupils. IT is not a subject within its own right; rather skills are taught and then used across the entire curriculum. The mission of the company is to equip children for living in the 21st century. This is realised when the learning environment is resourced with up-to-date technologies and staff have the knowledge and skills to use these effectively to move learning forward.

Within school, pupils are taught about how to stay safe in our modern digital world and we understand the importance of Internet Safety.

The CEOP website contains some really important information for parents and the Childnet site gives helpful guidance on social networking for parents. The SaferInternet site also provides advice on setting up parental controls on your home computer.

The Common Sense Media site has great information to aid parents in keeping their children safe.

Key Safeguarding Contacts:

The Designated Safeguarding Lead in school is: Mrs Deb Ward (Head Teacher)
The Chief DSL is: Mrs Hollie Rankin
The Deputy DSL’s are: Louise Sanderson, Kath Huscroft, Duncan Turner
Our Safeguarding Governor is: Georgina Burt

If you have any concerns about online safety please contact one of these members of staff, For more information about Online safety please see our Online Safety Policy in the policies section of the website.

As parents you can help by:

  • having open discussions about your expectations and how to stay safe online
  • closely monitoring the sites your children are accessing
  • limiting the amount of time your allow your child to spend online or using gaming devices
  • discouraging the use of social network sites under the legal age of 13 such as Facebook, however, if your child does use social media remind them to only communicate with friends and family (people they know and trust in the real world), and also to ensure that their privacy settings are set high and to make them aware of how to report an incident if they feel uncomfortable.
  • ensuring they do not give out any personal details to people they meet online including on games consoles such as Xbox and PS3.
  • take notice of PEGI ratings – age rating is there for a reason and could mean that your child is being exposed to inappropriate materials if you do not abide by them.

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